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Sever the wicked is a project aimed at bringing ultra heavy riffs with a classic early thrash sound with a modern twist. Geared toward positive lyrics and touching on issues of today's events. The Band formed in early 2013 with drummer John Thompson and Guitarist Allen Larue leading the front. Both have been in former projects together in the bands Black Dawn and Bonedriven. They enlisted the help of Tim Jenkins for guitar, Travis Phillips for vocals, and Lanny Harman for bass. 
Due to the musical influences of all the members, Sever The Wicked's sound can be hard to pin point as to who we sound like. We feel that it is a cohesive and unique sound we hope you will enjoy. Sever The Wicked has opened for and supported many national acts. Some of the bands they have opened for include Motorgrater, Hail Sagan, and Mushroomhead just to name a few.