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Sever the Wicked was officially formed in early 2013. Original members John Thompson (drums) , Allen Larue (guitar) and Lanny Harman (Bass). John and Allen have worked together in previous projects, such as Bonedriven and Black Dawn. These two alone have almost a half century of playing experience between them. 
The band went through a variety of lineup changes until the five current members came to together to form a Voltron-like metal machine. Travis Phillips, took over vocal duties in the Spring of 2016. The final piece came together with Tim Jenkins (guitar) joining the band in the fall of 2017. 
The band's musical influences come from such a wide range of genres and eras that it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what they sound like. John and Tim are old school Thrashers but also draw influence from newer metal acts such as Hatebreed and Iced Earth. Allen draws a lot of influence from the European style and it shows in his ability to drop harmonies even in the most brutal of songs. Travis came into music through the early 2000 metalcore days and that is his contribution to the band's unique sound. And finally, Lanny is probably the most diverse member as far as influences, listening to everything from metal to funk to punk. All those influences add up to a unique sound that no one has been able to label to date. 
Due to their unique sound, they can fit on pretty much any bill, having played with a wide variety of mainstream acts such as, Mushroomhead, Motograter, Hail Sagan, Krash Karma, Dead Horse Trauma, Nashville Pussy and Michael Angelo Batio. Whether opening for more well known acts or headlining smaller shows, Sever the Wicked is guaranteed to bring a unique sound to entertain the audience.  
The band has released two albums to date, the first being self titled in 2017 and the second, titled "A Call to Arms" in 2020.